How to Prevent Physician Burnout

How to Prevent Physician Burnout

According to the 2022 Medscape poll on physician burnout, overall physician burnout increased from 42 percent in 2020 to 47 percent in 2021. This poses a risk not only to physicians’ health but also to their ability to deliver care effectively. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the three main symptoms of burnout are exhaustion, depersonalization, and lack of efficacy.

What are the top causes of physician burnout?

  1. Administrative work: Increase in patients and lack of technology implementation cause an excess of administrative work.
  2. Less time with patients: Less time with patients takes away from what physicians love to do most, which is keep their patients healthy.
  3. Long hours: Whether due to a lack of staff or excess in administrative data, physicians and residents often overwork themselves, leading them to burn out.
  4. Keeping up with patient demand: Patient demands are constantly evolving, and now convenience and accessibility are of utmost importance to patients.
  5. Online reputation: Negative reviews are damaging to the reputation of providers and repel potential patients looking for doctors.

How to prevent physician burnout?

  1. Delegate tasks: Don’t spend time doing things that someone else can do. Consider a medical assistant to help you with notetaking, data entry, and other administrative work.
  2. Automation: Implementing easy-to-use software can help cut down on administrative tasks. Although it takes time to implement and train staff, you are ensuring that your practice is running at peak efficiency.
  3. Patient engagement: Patients don’t want to spend time filling out forms in the waiting room or waiting over a month to be billed for a 15-minute visit. Tools such as BillFlash are responsible for getting physicians paid more, faster. Patients conveniently receive their bill and are given online payment options right from their mobile device.
  4. Online reputation: Negative reviews are disheartening. Unfortunately, a patient is more likely to leave a review when they have a negative experience. Take the initiative and send your patients automated requests to review your business.

The impact of physician burnout is felt not just by doctors, but also by patients, staff, and their own families. There are many symptoms of burnout, and each is detrimental to all involved. Burnout comes from a buildup of different factors and should be treated before it becomes a major problem for both the physician and the patient. Companies such as Microwize assess the problem areas within your practice and provide suggested solutions that would improve overall production and efficiency. Let us help you treat the condition and not just the symptoms!

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